NEW Cat5 Series: “I’ll never pay full price at (BLANK) again!” 0

There are soooo many times where you can begin internet surfing, find something beyond fabulous, and can’t wait to click-buy.  Of course factors like it being the last one available only make it more difficult to wait.  But there are some stores that no matter how SIL (So In Love) you are, you MUST WAIT!  […]

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“I’m ready to play…” 0

Time flies, that’s the one thing we can all be sure of.  Here we are at the end of August, with the official fall season kick off right around the flippin corner.  The question is, are you ready?  Fall is without a doubt my favorite time of year.  Layering, rich colors, boots and furs…it’s all […]

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Posted on: 08-23-2014
Posted in: Cat5 News, Outfit of the Week

Peyton’s Top Five Under $25! 0

Peyton has done it again…finding SO FAB style picks under $25!  Check out her top five style picks below.    

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Posted on: 08-17-2014
Posted in: Cat5 News, Latest Style News

“Cryyyyyyyyying…over you!” 0

Ohhhhh man…the pain that comes with seeing something truly FAB you just know is going to be a stretch to own.  Pain is THE best word I know how to use when that happens.  I mean, you do the math in your head, and the numbers seem ridiculous…impossible even.  But then you look back at […]

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Posted on: 08-13-2014
Posted in: Soooo In Love
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