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Cat5 Beauty: Detox with Chantecaille! 0

I constantly find myself trying out facial masks…looking for that magical product that will keep my skin super clear and radiant.  Particularly if I know I’m fighting a phase of oily skin or breakouts, I’m all about treating my skin “extra special” hoping to mold it to a more manageable state.  Of all the clay […]

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Posted on: 11-23-2013
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Cat5 Beauty: Magic in a Pot! 0

You know how you have a vision for something in your mind that’s hard to explain, but you’ll “know it” when you “see it?”  I recently had that experience regarding lip color.  In my mind I could see myself wearing a very natural lip color with a matte feel, that would almost make it appear […]

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Posted on: 11-21-2013
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Top Five FAB Finds Under $25! 0

We LOVE a great style find, especially when it’s under $25 bucks!  Check out the latest round of amazing finds from our STYLISH Cat5 Intern, Peyton Warren!

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Posted on: 11-17-2013
Posted in: Cat5 News, Latest Style News

“Defining Your Style” Series: How stay at-home moms can build their wardrobe 0

Friday kicked off a FAB installment of the “Defining Your Style” Series, and this week it was all about tackling a reader question “How can I build a wardrobe as a stay at-home mom?”  Check out the full segment here, and be sure to tune into CBS6 every Friday at 9am for a new style […]

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Cat5 Ep-dits 3:47- “The woman I want to be…” 0

How do you reconcile the woman you are in the world of style versus the woman you want to be?  When life and time get in your way, it can be more than difficult to reconcile what you see in the mirror.  Whether it’s a slowed metabolism due to time ticking away, catching what I […]

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Posted on: 11-13-2013
Posted in: Cat5 Ep-dits
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