New Year…New Skin??? YES! 0

So many New Year’s resolutions to make…so little time.  And let’s be honest, many we’ll drop by the waist side even with the best of intentions.  Shop less? Ummmm OK…that’s not gonna happen.  Exercise more?  Sure if I can stop catching colds from my kids.  Have amazing and radiant skin?  Welllllllllllll……….depends on the products I’m […]

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Posted on: 12-29-2015
Posted in: Cat5 Beauty, Cat5 News

Tis’ the season to party…officially! 0

Christmas might be over, but the holiday season is in full swing!  Catching up with friends, partying into the early mornings, whatever your fancy…a bit of sleep may have to be sacrificed in the name of fun.  While I’m good with that (used to losing sleep with 3 kids), I DEFINITELY don’t want to look […]

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The #1 hack to getting the ultimate spa experience for $7! 0

I love the spa!  Like LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE the spa!!!  But let’s be honest, it’s beyond expensive.  You’re paying big dollars for the perfect balance of relaxation and beauty treatment in one.  At this time of year when dollars feel like they’re flying out of your wallet left and right, wouldn’t it be nice to spend $7 […]

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A Mask? THE Mask! 0

With the cold weather officially here, finding ways to keep your skin super hydrated is more important than ever.  There’s nothing more frustrating than washing and moisturizing your face, only to leave the house and hours later have it start to feel itchy and dry.  TAN! (That’s A NO!)  So finding not just “a mask,” […]

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Cyber Monday…Sephora Style! 0

I would have to argue against anyone that said this isn’t the best time of year to shop.  With all the so crucial beauty sets that get released this time of year, it’s hard to narrow down just what to pass on (for myself!).  Cyber Monday is tomorrow, and with that Sephora will release an […]

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